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Piramida Education and Career Center” received first students in 2000. From first days our main aim was practical use of knowledge gained diring the course. In order not to fall behind the experience from theory all exercises are set on real projects. Our teachers are only high specialists with large work experience. We try to give knowledge to our students not only for their work but also for their proffesional and career growth.

Teachers at our center are ready to help to teach programs both to beginners and experienced specialsits. In our multi-stage system everybody can choose course type according to their education. By the help of large program choice different field specialists will absolutely find interesting and useful courses for themselves.

Our course directs main attention to the corporative education. Teaching several members of your company at the same time will give you opportunity to increase work quality and effectiveness in a short period. Our mobile class gives lessons successfully at companies in all districts of Azerbaijan. According to the agreement with company leadership our teachers make individual course and lesson schedule.

We save your time! According to long-term work experience at our Education Center intensive trainig method has been prepared. They will give you opportunity to master selected course totally in a short period. Appropriate lesson schedule helps you choose suitable time. We present you morning, afternoon, evening and weekend courses. Courses are held individually and with groups. If you want to take lessons in suitable time and very quickly we recommend you “face to face” type. In the first lesson teacher talks to students in order to give maximum attention to each one.

Piramida” Education and Career Center – is a large choice of courses and programs for both specialists occupied with different fields of business and for those who plan to learn foreign languages.

All kinds of computer programs exist at our Center

Computer courses for beginners:, graphics,design and animation, network administration

For those who are interested in account we present “ Account and Taxes” training program for working in all kinds of property law forms institutions. Also computer courses for accountans are held. ( 1C, Account, Trade and Storehouse)

Education Center carries out training of office-manager proffesion which is urgent among youths by teaching principles of clerical work,office programs, psycology and etiquette of business conversation.

Education Center prepares specialists according to interior design, landscape design, textile design in interior and floristics.

Education Center is situated in the center of Baku, near “28 may” metro station.

We invite to choose our Education Center and get desired profession to those who are willing to come!



Sosial networks and their roles in human life
Piramida Education and Career center concluded double sided contract with Dr.WEB antivirus company. According to this contract each student completing computer courses will be given 6 month lisenzed antivirus programm free of charge by Dr.WEB company
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